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Local Government Pension Scheme

Local Government Pension Scheme (NI) – Pensions Contribution Bands 2014-2015

The 2011/12 contribution pay bands have been reviewed in line with the cost of living. The contribution rate payable depends on the whole-time equivalent pay range as detailed in the table below:
Pensions Contribution Bands 2014-2015 
 Whole Time Pay Rate  You Pay Contribution Rate of:
 £0 to £14,000 5.5%
£14,001 to £16,500  5.8% 
£16,501 to £21,300  5.9% 
£21,301 to £35,600   6.5% 
£35,601 to £47,700   6.8% 
£47,701 to £89,400  7.2% 
More than £89,000  7.5% 

The band for members who are employed part-time is that for the whole-time equivalent employment but contributions are only paid on the actual pay received.

The pay ranges will be increased annually in line with the Pensions (Increase) Act (Northern Ireland) 1971.


The Education and Library Boards (ELBs) were dissolved on 31 March 2015. The Education Authority was established on 01 April 2015 and is now responsible for all of the operational functions previously carried out by the five ELBs in accordance with the Education Orders.

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