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Interpreter Provision for Deaf Parents

Interpreter Provision for Deaf Parents

An Interpreter is provided to ensure that Deaf Parents can fully participate in information events, at meetings etc.

For example:
  • Transfer visits to prepare your child for the move from Primary to Secondary School
  • Parent / Teacher meetings
  • Any other visits about your child’s education
Information we need:

  • Who you are
  • What it is for
  • BSL or ISL Interpreter
  • Start and finish time
  • Where the school is
  • Pupil’s name
How does it work:

  • The information you provide to us is passed
    to a Freelance Interpreter or the RNID.
  • It is important to let us know at least 2 weeks
    before, if possible
  • Requests can be made by Schools or Deaf Parents.

  • Deaf Parents may request a preferred interpreter. Every effort will be made to fulfill such requests. All interpreters/signers must be qualified to provide the level of service required and registered for tax purposes.

  • Deaf Parents may be asked to evaluate the interpreting service.

  • If you make the booking and cancel at the last minute, we have the right to request you pay the interpreter cancellation fee. The same rule applies to the school.

Helen Galloway
Fax 028 9448 2238
Telephone: 028 9448 2250

Aileen Duddy
Fax: 028 9448 2238
Telephone: 028 9448 2294

Mobile Telephone: 079 1869 5322


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