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The Annual Report and Accounts 03/04, 04/05 and 05/06 Printed Publication can be purchased from the TSO website.   It can be downloaded free from this website just follow the Annual Report and Accounts Link below.

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application/pdfCircular 2013 19 - School Optional and Exceptional Closure (113KB)24/12/2014Download
 Advice and guidance on the use of optional and exceptional school closures. 
application/pdfPrincipal's Letter - 8 October 2014 (93KB)24/12/2014Download
 The purpose of this letter is to highlight the need to have in place an action plan detailing how... 
application/pdfEnergy efficiency and cost saving opportunities (3.61MB)26/07/2011Download
 Background Energy management and monitoring Electricity, gas and water opportunities Types... 
application/pdfEducational Visits: Best Practice 2009 (661KB)30/03/2011Download
 A working group, comprising representatives of key stakeholder groups, including Education &... 
application/pdfNursery Directory 2010 (466KB)04/02/2011Download
application/pdfNEELB Nursery Directory 2010 (466KB)04/02/2011Download
 NEELB Nursery Directory 2010 
application/pdfInformation for special school principals on swine influenza A (H1N1) (250KB)30/09/2009Download
 This information sheet gives general information about swine infl uenza A (H1N1) (swine flu) as... 
application/pdfCircular to all schools regarding swine flu alert - May 09 (91KB)26/08/2009Download
 You will be aware of the present concern regarding the Swine Influenza outbreak and the potential... 
application/vnd.ms-excelSwine Flu Checklist Sample (63KB)26/08/2009Download
 Swine Flu Checklist Sample for Schools 
application/pdfCircular to all Schools regarding Swine Flu - 24 June 09 (97KB)26/08/2009Download
 You will be aware that the World Health Organisation has recently classified the Swine Flu outbreak... 
application/pdfNEELB Tuition Service Handbook (657KB)19/03/2008Download
 This document outlines the policy and operational framework for educational provision that is... 
application/pdf2007-08 NEELB SLS Standards (42KB)05/12/2007Download
 The NEELB Education and Youth Library Service is committed to providing clear and challenging... 
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