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Area Planning: In September 2011, the Education Minister commissioned the Board, working in close conjunction with CCMS and other school sectors, to commence a process of collective, strategic planning for area provision.

Schools Branch: Schools Branch Officers are involved in the strategic management and planning of nursery, primary and post-primary school provision across the Board’s area.

Causeway School Museum: The Causeway School Museum, situated beside the Giant’s Causeway, was built in 1915 and designed by the architect Clough Williams-Ellis of Portmeirion fame.

Development Proposals: The main purpose of a Development Proposal procedure is to ensure that all interested parties are informed about proposed changes to schools and have an opportunity to comment on any proposed development that may affect them before decisions are taken.

Extended Schools: The Extended School targets not only the pupils of statutory school age, but the ‘whole’ family, and wider community which it serves.

Health and Safety: The role of the section is to assist the Board in meeting its obligations with respect to the health, safety, welfare and security of all pupils, employees and others on its premises or affected by its undertakings.

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