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Primary Area Planning - Consultation

The Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986 (Articles 5 and 6) outlines the duty of the Education and Library Boards to secure efficient and sufficient provision of primary and secondary education within the Board area to meet the needs of all pupils.

In September 2011, the Education Minister commissioned the Board, working in close conjunction with CCMS and other school sectors, to commence a process of collective, strategic planning for area provision.

The North Eastern Education and Library Board has, since its inception in 1972, remained committed to excellence in the delivery of education so that every pupil can realise their potential and contribute to a caring, inclusive and progressive society. In striving to realise this aspiration, the Board has aimed to ensure that every pupil has:

  • access to a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities to realise his or her  potential;
  • an education in which the learning outcomes are appropriate to their needs;
  • access to quality teaching delivered in a caring and supportive environment;
  • education delivered in modern, well-resourced facilities, suitable for the delivery of education in the twenty-first century.

Draft Primary Area Plans – 2013
The Board would like to thank all those who took time to respond to the NEELB Draft Primary Area Plan during 2013.  We received over 2700 responses and are presently continuing to work with a range of partners including School Principals and Governors, CCMS, CnaG, NICIE and DENI to arrive at a final plan for all the Council Areas represented in the plan.
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  • NEELB Primary Area Plan Consultation - findings November 2013 [pdf / 418KB] In December 2011, the Minister for Education, John O'Dowd MLA, published Area Planning Terms of Reference which commissioned the Education and Library Boards, working closely with the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools and other sectors, to prepare Strategic Area Plans for the restructuring of primary education in their areas.